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Our favourite outdoor fires for socialising this summer

Our favourite outdoor fires for socialising this summer

June 17th at 12:00am

With the weather now representing Britain’s best and the longest day of the year nearly upon us (21st June!), we felt it would be an ideal time to highlight some of our favourite outdoor fires, as you’ll no-doubt be entertaining guests in your gardens late into the evenings.

We’ve always loved the warm company of an outdoor fire because they create a great focal point around which friends can gather and chat away. It’s a joy that no doubt dates back to our ancestors — gathering around a fire to stay warm and share stories.

Fortunately, fires are much easier to get going these days, so they’ll be no panicking over how to strike flint. Instead, it's often as easy as flicking a switch.

Scroll down the page to see what we've picked out — we hope you enjoy taking a look!

If you're still left longing for more, visit our product page for additional options (we have plenty).

Faber Mood Outdoor Fire

One of our most popular, the Faber Mood is a modern frameless gas fire. It can be used free-standing or built-in, running off the mains gas directed out into garden, or via portable bottled gas. You can choose a single-side fire or a see-through fire (like a tunnel).

• Suitable for propane, biopropane or natural gas
• Works on gas bottles or natural gas from a gas socket
• Many inset options

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Planika Galio Star Corten

The Planika Galio Star Corten is an automatic outdoor gas fireplace enclosed in a weather-resistant case.

Exposed to the outside environment, the steel develops an oxide layer which is rusty in appearance. All of this make it a safe and durable fireplace for your garden.

• Unique star-shaped burner that will bring every outdoor space to life
• Remote control
• Natural gas or LPG

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Blaze Outdoor Fire

The Blaze Outdoor comes in two standard sizes, the 8025 rectangular burner and the 4545 square burner.

It is a fully enclosed and weather proofed module that, with the aid of its unique support cradle, can be sunk into any brickwork, table top, stone or marble feature (the team at Grate Expectations can build around it to match your desire).

• Smoked glass wind shield
• Optional handset allows you to adjust the flame height and switch to pilot only setting
• All weather cover supplied as standard

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Wood burners from Nordpeis

Nordpeis create a broad range of wood burners which provide plenty of atmosphere on the patio to extend evening activities.

Easy to assemble and install, get in touch to learn more.

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Spartherm Fuora G outdoor

With the Fuora G by Spartherm you can create a beautiful light feature in your garden or on your terrace.

The large circular glass creates a spectacular view of the fire from two sides — or, if preferred, you can choose to have the back glass in a black high gloss finish.

• Easy to move thanks to the roll bar and 2 wheels in the base
• Flame height can be adjusted as you wish
• The column provides space for an 11kg gas cylinder

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Planika Galio

The gorgeous Planika Galio Insert is a gas fire burner ready to be installed in the prepared housing made under the customer’s individual design.

• Numerous safety features
• Powered with either natural gas or LPG gas bottles
• Impressive size and display

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When you buy a fire from Grate Expectations, we handle the installation.

This differs from buying a fire off many other internet sites, which involve more work for the customer.

Plus, if anything goes wrong you can always contact Grate Expectations for advice — giving you full peace of mind with your product.

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