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Chimney Build and Design

Chimney Build and Design

Grate Expectations use the PROMAFOUR® system for chimney lining installations on cassette and inset fireplaces, as well as wood-burning stoves. Versatile enough for use in building false chimney breasts or lining existing chimneys, PROMAFOUR® insulation boards are strong, reliable and able to withstand continuous high temperatures.

When purchasing a fireplace our design team will be able to provide visuals and drawings so that you achieve the design and meet all safety requirements. We have detailed some of the core elements of Chimney Build & Design below and there is also a PROMAFOUR® brochure available for review if you require further information.

Chimney Build & Design

PROMAFOUR® boards are cement bonded calcium silicate based insulation boards. These large-sized multi-purpose boards are easy to handle and offer a superior combination of enhanced technical properties for building strong, mechanically self-supporting constructions.

PROMAFOUR® Boards form part of the PROMAFOUR® fireplace insulation system used to build a false chimney breast for a cassette/inset type fire place, or line existing chimney breast against concrete or timber frame.

The PROMAFOUR® System is a safe reliable, robust system developed to resist continuous high temperatures of up to 1000°C.

PROMAFOUR® Boards are also suitable for use behind a wood burning stove or heating appliance.

The PROMAFOUR® System is sold through designated specialist stove and fireplace stockists, and builders merchants.

Provides both the installer and homeowner many benefits including:

• Resists continuous high temperatures of up to 1000°C
• Complies with Building Regulations Part J
• Easy construction with standard tools
• Minimal expansion and contraction during and after heating, reducing risk of cracking
• Naturally smooth surface that can be easily decorated
• Does not require plastering, negating need for wet trades
• High thermal storage capacity helps heat distribution evenly within a room
• HETAS Approved Product AUX036

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