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Faber MatriX 800 500 III

Faber MatriX 800 500 III


The Faber Matrix range of gas fires blends clean, contemporary design with the latest technology. One-, two- and three-sided models feature impressive flame displays that generate ample warmth, while glass-fronted styles are all high efficiency gas fires. Full heat and flame control is possible via remote or an app installed on your mobile.

The Faber MatriX 800 500 III is a refined, three-sided gas fire which allows views of the splendid flame display from multiple angles. With the innovative Log Burner 2.0® you can choose to have flames burn in the centre of the fire or around the log stack and set their height with ease. The optional Faber Symbio® light module produces a realistic fire bed of glowing embers, creating a warm atmosphere even when the flames are burning low.


Brand Faber
Style Built in
Heat Output 8.1
Efficiency B
Dimensions 933x811x454
Flue Type Balanced Flue
Fire Location Into existing chimney
Price £4,480.00
Fire View Three-sided view
Fireplace Style Modern
Flue Size Outer 200
Interior Matt Black, Black glass
Fuel Bed Ceramic logs
Control Remote control GV60 Premium, ITC app
Frame Options Frameless

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