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Faber Buzz Outdoor Fire

Faber Buzz Outdoor Fire


A minimalist outdoor fire that works on natural gas and bottle gas. This Faber outdoor fire has wheels and is easy to move.

The BUZZ is also available in Corten steel - this steel is a metal alloy of iron, to which copper, phosphorus, silicon, nickel and chrome have been added. That is how this fire acquires its famous brown rusty colour.

  • A Faber outdoor fire with a timeless design.
  • Minimalist and clear, easy to move and store.
  • Works on gas bottles or natural gas from a gas socket.
  • The standard supplied log set produces an incredibly realistic flame effect.


Brand Faber
Style Free standing
Dimensions 612x1388x620
Fire Location Outdoor Fires
Fire Type Glass fronted
Price £1,400.00
Fire View Three-sided view
Fireplace Style Modern
Interior Matt Black, Black glass
Fuel Bed Log set
Control Manual control

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