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Dru Fires

Dru Fires

DRU Fires - atmospheric and durable

DRU was launched over 260 years ago and their brand is renowned throughout Europe for its contemporary gas fires, functional gas wall heaters and innovative fireplace technology.  They are closely associated with the balanced flue system which allows gas fires to be installed with or without a chimney, having developed the technology in the 1960s.  Dru helped set the standards for the many thousands of gas appliances installed today. 

DRU Fires' motto is ‘designed to be different’, which reflects both the distinctive contemporary designs of its modern gas fires and the continued application of innovative technology across their product range.

Grate Expectations are a leading supplier and installer of DRU Fires from our showroom near Wimbledon, South London. We work closely with DRU and our customers to harness the very latest gas fire technology to provide gas fires with state-of-the-art designs, generating spectacular and authentic flame pictures.

DRU Fires range at Grate Expectations

Grate Expectations Fireplaces are the largest & leading supplier of DRU products throughout the UK, mainly covering London, Surrey and all surrounding counties but some of contracts or clients will take us further afield.

We have supplied DRU Products for over 10 years and in that time we have become a specialist in their full range of products. The DRU Fires range of gas fires at Grate Expectations is now more extensive than ever before, with a huge choice of shapes, sizes, capacities, interior colours and fire beds to suit any type of décor. 

Our showroom features over 15 working DRU appliances on display, making Grate Expectations the biggest displayer of DRU products in UK. The Grate Expectatios sales team are DRU Experts and can assist with all enquires, whether that will be technical, sales or aftercare related.

Below we provide you with some examples of our best selling DRU Fires with links to the product pages. You can also see our full range on our product search page, take a virtual tour of our showroom further down this page or download a brochure from our DRU Fires brochure page.

If you need any further advice please use this contact form to book an appointment to visit our showroom or call us on 02085408387

DRU Maestro 75 Eco Wave

The DRU Maestro 75 Eco Wave is an original front gas fire with a high realistic log stack visible through a single glass window.

It is a balanced flue gas fire with full remote control. Use the link below to view our product page.

Dru Maestro 75 Eco Wave

DRU Metro 130XT/3 Eco Wave

The DRU Metro 130XT/3 Eco Wave is an expansive three-sided gas fire which allows views of the spectacular log flame display from all parts of your living space.

It is a balanced flue gas fire with full remote control. Use the link below to view further details on the product page.

Dru Metro 130XT/3 Eco Wave

DRU Passo Eco Wave

The Dru Passo Eco Wave is a free standing gas fire offering and impressive 180 degree view.

The fire provides a good level of efficient heat output and it can be controlled through a remote control or mobile phone/tablet application.

Dru Passo

DRU Global 70XTCF

The DRU Global 70XT BF CF-01 is a compact conventional flue gas fire with a log fire bed and authentic flame effect.

DRU Global 70XT CF

DRU Fires installations by Grate Expectations

Grate Expectations provides a complete design and installation service for DRU Fires. The examples below illustrate how our expert team can work with you to bring your ideas to life and transform your fireplace. We have a clear process from sales through to installation and aftercare service. Our expert team will be happy to take your call and discuss your requirements.

DRU Maestro 105/2 fire installation

Grate Expectations undertook this install for one of our London customers in 2021. DRU calls their 105/2 'The ultimate corner fire' and it has a 9kw heat output with 87.5% efficiency.

The Maestro 105/2 Eco Wave was installed in Greenwich following full in-house planning by Grate Expectations and close work with by our friends Richard Smyth for the marble base and with concrete cladding by Concrete Beton.

DRU Fires also produce a three sided version of this fire, please follow the link below to view.

Dru Maestro 105/3 Eco Wave

DRU Metro 130XT Fires Installed

We installed four DRU Metro 130 XT gas fires in a minimalist home project for one of our clients in Windsor.

Grate Expectations installed the DRU Metro single sided and 3-sided gas fires for their high specifications and 'A' energy ratings.

The DRU gas fires also included the use of the exclusive DRU Powervent extended flue system, which meant that there was no restriction on where the fires could be located in the building. All of the fires can be operated by using the unique DRU Eco Wave app for tablets and smartphones.

DRU Metro 130XT

Dru Fires FAQ

Grate Expectations is a well-established, family run business. The company has supplied and installed fires, fireplaces, stoves and flues in London and the surrounding area for more than 35 years.

Based on our knowledge and experience, Grate Expectations has built an excellent reputation that continues to be enhanced by the meticulous approach we take with every project.

Our friendly, professional team efficiently manages each order from sale through to installation.

We take great pride in ensuring that each client is 100% satisfied prior, during and following installation of their Fireplace.

DRU Fires do not sell products directly to customers. Instead they work through a dealer network of specially selected dealers including Grate Expectations who are recognised for their professional expertise.

Grate Expectations has an extensive London showroom where a range of DRU gas fires are displayed. Our extensive expertise means that we can provide you with personal, tailor-made advice based on your individual situation.

Our service includes the creation of a layout sketch for you, so that you can immediately see what the gas fire would look like in your home. Our specialist sales team will also discuss your wishes regarding the fire surround for a gas or wood fire, which can also be arranged and fully fitted by Grate Expectations Fireplaces.

As with, for example, central heating boilers, gas fires, stoves and wall heaters are consumable products that slowly but surely become dirty as air-borne particles are sucked in during combustion.

These small particulates hinder fire or stove ignition over time. Components may also over time become subjected to wear and tear, which is why we strongly recommend you have your fire or stove serviced annually. Your dealer or installer can advise you and cares for the maintenance.

The same also applies to wood-fired stoves - it is important to ensure that the air supply doesn't become blocked by ash which can be done by the owner. However, the owner will not be able to clean the flue duct which is why your chimney will require regular sweeping; the frequency will depend on the amount burnt and the wood type used.

All DRU products meet the strictest quality requirements. Each fire or stove undergoes numerous meticulous tests before leaving the factory. The guarantee duration on model components is two years.

In the unlikely event that you experience a problem with your fire or stove which you have purchased from Grate Expectations, please contact us and provide the model's serial number  (this is a ten digit number listed on the name plate) and we will try to resolve the problem.

We may contact DRU Fires for additional components (under guarantee from DRU) and it may be necessary for one of their engineers to come to your home to resolve the problem. If the model is still under guarantee and has been installed and used as per the guidelines, this service will naturally be free of charge.

DRU delivers components necessary for the functioning of the model up to 10 years after the termination of the last product range. If you have any questions regarding our products or services please contact us. We will do our utmost to answer your query as comprehensively and quickly as possible.

Ultimately this will depend on usage but DRU Fires have designed all of their fires to be as efficient as possible. If you need further, specific information on likely fuel consumption, please follow the link below which will open in a new window:

DRU Fires Gas Consumption Calculator

Virtual DRU Fires Showroom Tour

Please access our virtual showroom tour to see some example installs of our DRU Fires range. If you'd like to discuss how a particular DRU Fire might look in your house, please contact one of our specialist advisors and commission a design skectch to meet your specific requirements.

DRU Fires sales enquiry form

Please use this form to contact the expert DRU Fires team at Grate Expectations to discuss your specific requirements.

Alternatively you can email us at sales@grateexpectations.com  - please include: 

  • Your full address

  • An image of your fireplace

  • Sizes details

  • Look/style you would like to achieve

We will then review this and send over your quotation or schedule a call to discuss further.

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Other brands available at Grate Expectations

In addition to our large range of DRU Fires, Grate Expectations also sells and provides a full intallation and maintenance service for a range of high quality gas, wood fired and electric fires.

Our range includes Dik Guerts (DG Fires & Stoves), Spartherm, Faber Fires, British Fires, Gazco, Stovax, Nordpeis, Jotul, Scan, Contura, Planika Fires, Chilli Penguin, Capital Fireplaces, Poujoulat, Exodraftto and more.

To review our full range, please use the product search link below.

Product search

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Grate Expectations offers a full range of fires for every requirement and ranging from gas, electric, wood and bioethenol. Use the specific product search links below to find your perfect solution.