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Showcasing our restored fireplaces

Showcasing our restored fireplaces

February 25th at 12:00am

An antique fireplace that appears to be in a state of disrepair should never be discarded, because with the right know-how and some time and effort, even the most unloved fireplace can be brought back to its former glory.

We love restoring antique fireplaces here at Grate Expectations — the bigger the project, the better — because there’s nothing quite like seeing the surprise on a customer’s face when they see the transformation.

In fact, we felt compelled to share that sense of surprise with a broader audience — that's why we put together this blog; to highlight a selection of our favourite restoration projections.

We hope you enjoy reading the content below.

Homely cast iron boiler

This cast iron, open fire domestic boiler was manufactured by Ideal Domestic, National Radiator Company, in Hull — circa 1920s.

A vintage piece, the quality of materials used and high level of craftsmanship have allowed it to stand the test of time.

And now it can be enjoyed again in its original glory, hopefully for at least another 100 years!

Marvellous marble Victorian Bullseye surround

This beautiful repair project took place within a customer's home.

To bring the fireplace back to life, we had to restore it with new smooth slate slips and hearth.

It now stands as an imposing focal point, providing the home with plenty of new character.

Elegant Edwardian marble surround

This restoration project also took place within a customer's home.

Fortunately, despite the large number of separate pieces, we were still able to pull this one together thanks to Paul, our in-house stone mason.

The finished fireplace has a timeless appearance thanks to the marble colouring.

Sublime slate surround

This sublime slate surround with limestone hearth had previously been painted white.

We were able to bring back its original black slate look, all while preserving the exposed brick interior.

Neatly tucked inside is the DG Ivor 5 wood burner, which comes with a removable handle to help prevent burns.

Lovely late Victorian/early Edwardian surround

This lovely late Victorian/early Edwardian surround includes an original (and also restored) cast iron insert for a period-correct open fire look.

A wonderful decorative install that will now certainly stand the test of time.

Refined Victorian cast iron insert

This restoration presented a unique opportunity; the chance to bring back a very rare, early Victorian cast iron insert.

We love how it's packed with elegant details, such as the brass finishes. A classy, classical product.

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