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Introducing three new products

Introducing three new products

October 6th at 12:00am

Grate Expectations are excited to introduce three new fireplace products!

The Futura 5 is a new designer range of Ecodesign wood burning and multi-fuel stoves from Stovax.

The Onyx Avanti Electric Fires offer the latest in electric fire innovation. With three different size options, each can be configured as single, corner or three-sided.

The Soren 5 from Dik Geurts is a compact and sturdy fireplace with a clean look for optimal visibility. Dik Geurts now forms part of DRU, having been acquired in 2007.

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Stovax Futura 5 Ecodesign stoves

The Futura 5 Ecodesign stoves from Stovax are the result of over four decades of British engineering, representing the cutting-edge of Ecodesign wood burning and multi-fuel design. Thanks to the curved door design, the Futura 5 provides stunning flame visuals — further enhanced by airwash jets above the glass, which help keep the glass clear. The air jets within the Futura 5’s advanced burn chamber make it highly efficient with low emissions.

Onyx Avanti Electric Fires

The Onyx Avanti electric fires come in three sizes, with each also configurable as single, corner, or three-sided — allowing them to work with your style and interior décor to create a statement focal point in your home. Plus, you can enjoy choosing between multiple flame options with adjustable flame speeds and effects.

DRU | Dik Geurts - Soren 5

The Soren 5 from Dik Geurts offers a sturdy look with clean lines and lots of fire visibility. A cast-iron door with a stylish door handle, and the classic legs, give the fire a robust appearance. Because of its compactness and various options, the fireplace saves space and can be placed anywhere — making it easy to install in an existing situation. A great option for those looking to improve their existing fireplace, the Soren 5 fits proudly into the A* energy efficiency class.

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