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DG Instyle 700EA

  • DG Instyle 700 EA Woodburning Stove
  • DG Instyle 700 EA Woodburning Stove
  • DG Classic Line Frame 3S
  • DG Classic Line Frame 4S
  • DG Modern Line Frame
  • DG Slim Line Frame
  • DG Built In Frame

    Technical Information

  • Fuel type: Woodburning

  • Heat Output:  8-12 kw

  • Efficiency: 82%

  • Dimensions:  PDF

  • Flue Size: 180 mm

  • Colours: Dark Anthracite


DG woodburning inset stoves are contemporary and versatile stoves designed to burn wood. The seamless uncomplicated design houses a large viewing window, suited to modern and traditional feel homes.

Majority of the DG Inset Stoves now qualify for DEFRA approval in urban smokeless zones.

The inset models have been designed with handles that are concealed down the side of the door giving you added safety and clean design benefits.

DG Stoves have an external air supply connection as standard, enhancing its clean-burning capabilities. And with energy efficiencies of 82%, they are better for the environment.