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Inset Fires

Inset fires are designed to improve the efficiency of your fire whether gas or solid fuel, Inset fires control the way the fuels are burned the heat can be maximised by convection or insulation, these types of fires can help you gain great heating performances and still achieve highly decorative features. For full ranges you can download the brochure below or simply call our showroom and we can advise and send the right brochures for you.


Gazco Logic Hotbox Inset Fire Logic Hotbox
Conventional Flue
Gazco Logic Convector Inset Fire Logic Convector
Conventional Flue
Gazco Logic HE Convector Inset Fire Logic HE Convector
Conventional Flue & Balanced Flue
Gazco VFC Convector Inset Fire VFC Convector 16" & 22"
Conventional Flue