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Fireplace Servicing

We understand that when a fireplace is sold its not just for the first year but for many years to come, we welcome all our customers to contact us direct for annual gas fire servicing. Gas appliances should be serviced every 12 months, by a Gas Safe Registered Specialist.

To have any solid fuel appliances inspected and serviced, whether you have purchased a simple gas fire or solid fuel stove, you can contact us to service the appliance replacing the necessary parts and testing the appliance and flue to ensure its safe working and performing efficiently.

Wood Burning

For all wood burning appliances to ensure the air supply does not become blocked by ash and other particles, it is important to clean regularly. This can be easy enough for owners to do themselves in many cases as a general maintenance. However flue and chimney cleaning must be carried out by a professional. The amount of wood burnt will determine when the service is to be carried out and how often. However on an annual basis would be our minimum recommendation.


During the combustion process air-borne particles are sucked into the appliance and cause dirt and dust to form. This can result in your appliance not functioning correctly or perhaps not at all as can hinder the fire or stoves ignition over time. Components may also over time become subjected to wear and tear. We strongly recommend you have your fire or stove serviced annually by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer. Contact the showroom when you are due your service and we will put you in touch.

* If the appliance has not been installed by Grate Expectations, unfortunately we can not offer a service. We reccommend that you contact a Gas Safe Registered or Hetas Registered engineer to carry out the sweep or service safely.